Food Program

The food program initially started in 2019. While on mission we were talking with a group of children after Sunday School. One of the young girls passed out! I went and asked the principal to come and try to help determine what may have happened to cause a young, nine-year-old girl pass out. After some back and forth in their conversation it was determined that she had not eaten in three days. She was the first student on the NHS Food Program. Initially we supplied rice to her family but soon realized this plan would not be scalable as the need made itself evident among the students of NHS. The program started with one, then to five, to fifteen and now we have 26 Students receiving lunch each weekday because of your generosity. 

We currently have ten students sponsored of the 26. Our goal is to have dedicated sponsors for each child. If you would like to join us in this effort, please reach out to us and discuss your thoughts.    


Food Program

$22 per month per Student or $264 per year per Student

Annual Cost of the Food Program is $6864

This program also has a paid cook at an annual cost of $1800

Total Food Program Cost for 26 Students is $8664